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A Few Answered Questions

What is The ESL Free Press?

The ESL Free Press is an online daily news source that brings you free, reproducible news stories in basic English. It's written mainly for teachers and students of English as a Second Language.

However, anyone is welcome to use these stories.

Can I copy stories for my class?

Yes. Make as many copies as you want, for yourself or your students.

Just don't try to sell them to anyone else!

How do I print an individual story?

Click on the word "Permalink" just under it. This will show you the story on a page by itself. Then just click your printer icon.

Where do you get the news stories?

From different news sources: Wikinews, DefenseLINK, the U.S. State Department -- and sometimes just from the real world.

How often do you publish?

Monday through Friday, at least once a day -- often more. Keep checking back for new stories.

How many stories do you publish each day?

We aim for three to six stories.

Most days, at least one story is a lighter, not so serious item.

Who publishes The ESL Free Press?

It's published by Manna Computer Services, Inc. We're a small company based in New Westminster, BC, Canada. We also provide software consulting service.

Who writes the stories?

They're rewritten and edited by Jane Wangersky, a qualified ESL teacher with over six years' experience.

Can I send a letter to the editor?

Yes, we welcome letters and will try to publish any we get. We may edit them for grammar and spelling -- after all, this is an educational publication. Just click on the "E-mail Me" link.


A few words from the editor: I won't claim to have no bias. However, I do promise not to run any "health scare" stories. (You know -- the ones that tell you your breakfast cereal may suddenly burst into flames.)

If you would like to see more of certain subjects, please let us know.

Thank you for reading The ESL Free Press. We hope you'll be back often.



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